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IELTS is an English test. It is necessary for candidates to have a strong foundation in basic English. Learn basic grammar like verb tenses, parts of speech, articles, modal verbs etc. In IELTS you are tested on paraphrasing ability and spontaneous English communication. If your basic foundation is weak it is difficult to get a good band score. Learn 5 – 10 words on a daily basis to enhance your vocabulary. In this era of globalisation and social media where people from one place communicate with people around the world, English communication becomes vital for any sort of career growth. IELTS provides a golden opportunity to improve your English. Take this preparation seriously.

Students in the Intermediate to Advanced levels are enrolled in this subject. Its main objective is to get pupils ready for the IELTS exam by emphasizing learning abilities. You will learn about a variety of fascinating subjects and get practice with speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and writing throughout the course.

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Listening :

The listening module is common for both the IELTS General and IELTS Academic categories. It runs for 30 minutes and has 4 parts comprising of monologues and conversations. Candidates will be given headsets which need to be checked for proper working condition prior to commencing the test.

The audio track for listening module is played only once and candidates should pick the answers from it and note it down simultaneously. It will have native speakers of English from countries like the UK, Canada and Australia. Remember, the purpose of IELTS is to enable people to adapt to live in these countries rather than testing English abilities alone. For paper based test, answers need to be noted on an answer sheet while for computed delivered test, answers will be typed onto a computer screen.

Reading :

The reading module varies for Academic and General categories with Academic IELTS having higher standard of vocabulary and complexity. However, the pattern of test remains the same. There are 14 types of question that can come such as multiple-choice questions, gap fill questions and matching headings questions. Reading module runs for 1 hour and is divided into 3 parts.

The passages are quite extensive, so speed reading skills have to be employed to tackle them. I have designed specific exercises to improve on the reading techniques. This is part of routine coaching.

Writing :

The writing module varies between IELTS General and Academic categories. This module runs for 1 hour and has 2 tasks – Task1 and Task 2. Task 2 is common for both General and Academic categories, while Task 1 differs.

Task2 is a 250 - worded essay based on a specific question concerning a real-life scenario. Candidates have to read it carefully and compose the essay with an appropriate introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Time allocated is 40 minutes.

Academic writing Task 1

This is a factual report spanning 150 words based on a graph, flowchart, map or diagram. Striking features have to be highlighted. Errors in reporting data will be penalized. Time allocated is 20 minutes.

General writing Task 1

This is a letter of minimum word length 150 words, written to a particular individual or a company. It is the skill of the IELTS candidate to determine the nature of the letter – formal, semi-formal or informal and compose the same using appropriate language. Time allocated is 20 minutes.

Speaking :

The speaking module is a 1 to 1, face to face session with an IELTS examiner that usually takes place inside a private cubicle/ room of a star hotel. The room will be air-conditioned. Post covid-19 pandemic, it is not uncommon for centres to insist on wearing masks. Therefore, it is advisable to practice speaking wearing masks.

This module goes for 11-14 minutes and has 3 parts. Candidates are evaluated based on fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. The test is recorded and the examiners have strict control over the time.

Being a spoken English trainer, I also offer tips on improving spoken English and give brainstorming exercises to develop logical thinking for writing and speaking modules.


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