Spoken English

Spoken English

English is one of the part of the language. Let’s start learning the English subject don’t postponed the work on tomorrow and start learning today itself if you started learning the subject and we can learn the new words daily. In English Vocabulary and Grammar plays a major role in Communication Skill. If you are strong in Grammar and Vocabulary we can grab an opportunity Job in aboard.

What will you learn
  • Learn a new word every day

    Choose a word you would like to work on and use practice it in different sentences. Use the word until you have learnt it and keep using it regularly.

  • Do interesting activities in English

    Make sure you do it and communicate it in English. Using English to talk about things you enjoy will make practising a positive experience.

  • Speak, speak, speak!

    Be confident and speak as often as possible to as many people as you possibly can! Do not be shy to make mistakes!