Call Center Training

Call Center Training

India is a preferred destination for offshore outsourcing of call center services. The country has a large pool of English-speaking graduates who form an educated, computer-savvy workforce that can be tapped by global firms. India's advantages in the call center arena have been proven: 40-60% cost savings, high standards of quality and state-of-the-art technology, helping global firms achieve competitiveness and return on investment.

Our customer service call center training process is structured into 3 levels starting with a broad industry focus to a more specific company focus and finally, narrowing down to a sharp process focus, with a specific orientation to the needs of clients in the USA and UK.

At the end of our training course you will see drastic changes in English speaking coupled with rich and powerful skills that will enable you to express yourself freely in the voice and accent of language.

What will you learn
  • Level 1

    Introduction to Telemarketing and Customer Service, Generic Industry Knowledge, Culture Sensitization

  • Level 2

    Orientation, Accent Training, Grammar and Conversational English, Listening Skills

  • Level 3

    Product Knowledge, Process / Sales Training, Reinforcement of techniques through mock calls and role-playing, Certification of training